Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 — Section 25 — Permanent alimony and maintenance

May 13th, 2013

Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 — Section 25 — Permanent alimony and maintenance — Quantum of, fixation/calculation of — Factors to be considered by court — Held, while granting permanent alimony, no arithmetic formula can be adopted as there cannot be mathematical exactitude — It shall depend upon the status of the parties, their respective social needs, the financial capacity of the husband and other obligations — Amount so fixed cannot be excessive or affect the living condition of the other party — It is the duty of the Court to see that the wife lives with dignity and comfort and not in penury — The living need not be luxurious but simultaneously she should not be left to live in discomfort — The Court has to act with pragmatic sensibility to such an issue so that the wife does not meet any kind of man-made misfortune.

Vinny Parmvir Parmar v. Parmvir Parmar, (2011)13 SCC 112, Referred.

(Para 33, 34 & 35)

U. Sree v. U. Srinivas[Bench Strength 2], Civil Appeal Nos. 8927-8928/2012 (Arising out of S.L.P. (Civil) Nos. 37449-37450/2012 Arising out/C.C. Nos. 5877-5878/2012)(11/12/2012), 2013 AIR(SC) 415: 2012(12) JT 358: 2012(12) SCALE 98: 2012(9) SLT 434: 2013(2) SCC 114 [K.S. Radhakrishnan, J.: Dipak Misra, J.]

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