Penal Code, 1860 — Section 302 — Character of deceased — Effect of

September 5th, 2013

Penal Code, 1860 — Section 302 — Character of deceased — Effect of — Accused charged with committing murder of deceased contended that the deceased had been a woman of easy virtue, and that it was for this reason that her husband had divorced her, she had settled in the village and had been living in a separate house, away from her mother’s house, and that even here, she had been having illicit relationships with a large number of persons, etc. — Accused further contended that in relation to the same, a Panchayat was also conducted, and deceased’s mother etc. had been humiliated — Held, be that as it may, this kind of theory could not adversely affect the case of the prosecution — Evidence Act, 1872 — Section 8.

(Para 8)

Karan Singh v. State of Haryana[Bench Strength 2], Criminal Appeal No. 1474/2010(28/05/2013), 2013(7) SCALE 435: 2013(4) Supreme 501: 2013(9) JT 23: 2013(6) SLT 22 [B.S. Chauhan, J.: Dipak Misra, J.]

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